Construction method list

Technical know-how

Our company has a lot of repair reinforcement technologies for the bridge and the tunnel, etc.
Here, it introduces mainly our original construction method and we introduce some repairs and the reinforcement construction methods.

Repair and reinforcement construction method

Fiber Sheet Adhesion construction method

In order to prevent projection by the corrosion and a fracture of PC steel materials In PC bridge superstructure, it is a reinforcement construction method which uses together the composite fiber sheet of an aramid and nylon with a band steel plate or (length and width aramid sheet), and sticks it on a horizontal beam end and a floor-slab upper surface part with adhesives.
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Pinning Dry construction method

This is the assistance and the reinforcement construction method which fix a fiber sheet physically.
Drilling the hole to the concrete which applied fiber sheets, such as carbon fiber.
It can discharge unnecessary moisture in concrete by driving in and capping a Dry lock pin.
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Piton・Haken construction method

It is a resin injection construction method which can be injected also to a micro crack of 0.2 mm or less low pressure and a low speed, and by injecting automatically using the capillarity of the epoxy resin of very low viscosity using injector type infusion instruments.
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Raw water transmission line construction

Water Guide construction method

It make a ditch in parts, such as the existing concrete structure building frame joint and a construction-joint part.
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Mesh Water Guide construction method

It is a construction method which leads the crack accompanied by leakage of water, etc. to a drain without blockading a water way in a line along a leakage-of-water part.
There is comparatively much leakage, and especially when there is mainly no margin in an internal void cross section, It is effective at the case where leakage of water has occurred in the line along construction joint or cracks.
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NETIS registration construction method

Pinning Dry construction method

Water Guide construction method